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Jennie is, without a doubt, one of the most committed , enthusiastic, positive, hard working, and leading by example people I have ever had the privilege to work with. I really and honestly cannot say enough good things about her. The time and energy she puts into each session, each person she trains - the personalized homework, the positive reinforcement, the love and joy that is infused in her is something else. A cut above.

Jenn T.

I see Jennie for Personal Training twice a week and I fight to keep it in my busy schedule - because it's so worth it - my kids love having an active mother, I love feeling stronger, and Jennie is simply so awesome!

Christina W.

Jennie Hogan gets it. She makes exercise a meaningful piece of overall wellness. Through her I have met others who are on their own path. Together we’ve laughed and grunted and groaned…and traded salads. I’m inspired and supported by the community created by Hogan Fitness, and Jennie herself.

Skye M.


Certified Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Facilitator

Jennie Hogan of Hogan Fitness, is an East Van mom of two who loves helping others become and stay strong! She personally loves boxing, running, and resistance training and utilizes these and other foundational activities in her personal training sessions. She uses her knowledge and passion to empower and encourage others in their own health journeys.

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Hogan Fitness Bootcamps

2018 WINTER BOOTCAMPS – Get your body moving!

Mondays from 7:00-8:00pm
January 15th – March 12th
(*There will be no class on Feb. 12th, BC Family Day!)


 We meet on MONDAYS at:
Sir John Franklin Elementary School
250 Skeena St, Vancouver, BC
(Meet INSIDE in the gymnasium)



Be Stronger Than Your Excuses!

Hogan Fitness has recently partnered with a wonderful holistic nutritionist – SERON MACKEY! Meet with her to learn how to truly LOVE and appreciate your food. Learn how to make healthier choices. Be kind to both your body AND your mind!

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